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At Watt Companies we take the success of our projects and our people personally.

Which is why we provide unparalleled opportunities for our team members to develop their skills, discover purpose at work, and grow their careers. We know that every profitable project starts with an engaged and passionate team of people which is why we recruit entrepreneurial, curious, and reliable people ready to make a difference.

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A Team Environment

At Watt Companies, you’ll be surrounded by professionals dedicated to integrity, teamwork, and dependability. We show up no matter what. We deliver and keep our promises. We identify needs in markets that haven’t been addressed by others. We make the right choices over the easy choices. Because at the end of the day, we measure our success by more metrics than profit.

People are passionate about our customers, and about achieving success together.
Nadine Watt, CEO
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We were founded on simple principles over 70 years ago - honor, integrity, and entrepreneurialism. Since then, we’ve matured into a company driven by teamwork, passion, and a sense of purpose. Watt Companies combines the lessons of our past with the goals of our future which translates to a family-forward and flexible company dedicated to remaining at the top of our industry by putting our people first.


Watt Companies offers competitive benefits including 401K, health, dental, training, and paid vacations.


Watt Companies is always looking to develop talented entrepreneurs and one of the ways we have found to do that is internships.
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At Watt Companies, I've been fully immersed in the world of real estate, and everyone from the top down has been willing to share from their wealth of experience.
Sean Leary, Land Acquisition Manager | Watt Communities

Current Opportunities

There are not any openings at this time. Please send career inquiries to careers@wattcompanies.com.

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