Mark Humphreys, Vice President, Litigation & Risk Management, Watt Companies

Mark Humphreys

Vice President, Litigation & Risk Management

Mark Humphreys has been part of the Watt team for more than three decades.  He is responsible for overall risk management, as well as acquisition and maintenance of all insurance for the Company’s widespread ventures.  Mark also manages the handling of all claims and litigation involving Watt’s various business operations.

Beginning his career as a paralegal specializing in liability insurance claims and assisting outside defense counsel, Mark eventually took on all aspects of mastering risk, particularly in the area of construction operations liability and the various risk issues facing owners of commercial property.  In his career at Watt, Mark has dealt with the wide range of coverage and underwriting issues necessary to obtain quality insurance protection for Watt and its various enterprises.  He has gained the trust of brokers, consultants, contractors and insurance professionals by understanding the importance of carefully maintaining a balance between the need to manage risk and the entrepreneurial imperative of real estate developers, managers and investors to create and grow.  At the same time, Mark’s vast experience working with outside counsel, combined with his institutional and operational knowledge of Watt’s business, has provided him with a keen eye for evaluating and strategizing claims and litigation, both operationally and in terms of insurance defense.

Mark is a longtime member of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) and is a member of the RIMS national External Affairs Committee. Mark continues to maintain his status as a paralegal through continuing legal education.

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